Halloween Witches Brew

pumpkinI’m so bummed that I don’t have a picture of this cocktail. After too many of them, you will forget that you have a blog much less taking a picture for it! The Midori in the drink makes it bright green – perfect for Halloween night. And the melon flavor cools your mouth so it is a perfect accompaniment to stuffed jalapenos and spicy chili. Andrew came up with this recipe and put them together.On our way to Winston-Salem to pick up the punch bowl (yes, we drove to Winston-Salem for a punch bowl) I asked him what purpose the water served in the recipe and he said “If you don’t add the water, you will probably die.” With that, I say – Drink with Caution.


  • 20 parts ginger ale
  • 8 parts vodka
  • 5 parts Midori
  • 2 parts water

Assembly: Mix and serve over a full glass of ice!


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