Halloween on Mendenhall


Fall has always been my favorite season. It is probably because I grew up without it. In Florida basically everything is green until one day it freezes and everything dies. Florida has a number of amazing qualities but it’s participation in the seasons is seriously lacking. Fall is one of the reasons I love North Carolina so much – we do Fall so well. And, I have to say my neighborhood is amazing this time of year. If you picture Fall in a story book – it’s Westerwood. One of the many great things about having a puppy is taking the time to walk the neighborhood. My appreciation for Westerwood has grown even more by taking the time to examine the details of each home and getting to know my neighbors through waves and sniffs (that’s Winston’s part).

This Halloween the last thing I wanted to do was dress up and leave the house. I invited a couple of neighbors and friends over for a casual night in. Andrew put together a witches brew and I made chili and homemade jalapeno poppers. I’ll post the recipes this week.

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