Elon Homecoming – My Way


This past Thursday my good friend from college stopped in for the evening. John (aka JVS) lives in Minneapolis with his wife Casey and puppy Colby Jack. I rarely get to see him so it was nice that I was a convenient stop on his business travels. And if it wasnt good enough, our friend Kristen drove over from Raleigh to join us. So instead of actually going to Elon Homecoming this weekend – this was a perfect way to reconnect without all the rah-rah business.

JVS and I both grew up in Florida so we spent many car rides together driving home for holidays. John would always stay the night in Gainesville to break the trip up and get a good meal prepared by my Mom. For some reason, I still remember that John requested beef stroganoff one holiday – so I thought it fitting to do it again for his stop on Mendenhall.


  1. Yay for Elon homecoming (the fun way)! That meal was amazing. You’re welcome to invite me over more often for dinner : )

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