Hot Dogs with Winston


This Saturday, Winson had a few friends over for hot dogs. The spread was complete with Carolina hot dogs with chili and slaw, pesto pasta salad, crudities and dip, fruit and a variety of cookies. Winston’s dog friends Henry and Capt. Milo attended and we had peanut butter dog biscuits for them too. The day was very cold but we appreciated everyone braving the cold for a good romp in the backyard.

PA170016The party was also the perfect way to celebrate my year anniversary on Mendenhall. A friend asked me as I gave her the grand (but small) tour if I felt at home – and indeed I do. Later in the evening, Winston was more tired than I have ever seen him. Andrew built a fire inside to warm up. It was when Andrew asked if he could hold Winston (I thought Uncle Andy might not ever warm up to Winston) I realized that it is Winston that makes my house a home. This week I’ll post the recipes from Winston’s hot dog party.


  1. Cecelia:

    Thank you for having us over! Great food and interesting conversations! Henry, Aaron and I had a lot of fun! Henry enjoyed playing with his new very adorable friend Winston.
    You have a very charming home.


  2. Winston was quite the handsome and delightful host, and there is no question of where he inherited his social graces. The food was all delicious; however you failed to mention the fresh cabbage that Winston proudly harvested himself and joyfully displayed while frolicking through the yard. That was the best!

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