A Breakfast for Champions – Triad Health Project Staff Breakfast


Last week I embarked on a mission to feed breakfast to 21 hardworking staff members at Triad Health Project. Among all the work they are doing with their clients, they are also gearing up for their Annual Winter Walk fundraiser on Sunday, December 6th. Winter Walk is Greensboro’s way to mark World AIDS Day, remembering those lost to AIDS and looking to a future when HIV/AIDS is defeated. It is also one of THP’s biggest fundraising efforts of the year. Dollars raised go to supporting their mission to provide emotional and practical support to individuals living with HIV/AIDS.  Just to give you a quick reference, this August THP had a caseload of 413 clients with HIV/AIDS, received 587 phone calls, had 343 office visits, distributed 290 bags of food and provided 206 bus tickets.

For breakfast, I brought homemade mini frittatas, yogurt, granola, muffins and fruit all in individual boxes. This week I’ll post the recipes from their breakfast.

Join us on December 6th!
Join us on December 6th!

Finally, I’d like to present WINSTON’S WINTER WALK CHALLENGE! For those of you who want to support Triad Health Project and walk with Winston on Sunday, December 6th – we will be serving a Mod Meals on Mendenhall Brunch that morning for anyone on Winston’s Winter Walk Team! Email me at cecelia.thompson@gmail.com to sign up!

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