Off Mendenhall- Gainesville, FL

Lots of people ask me where I learned to cook. I owe it all to my parents who are great cooks. To tell you the truth, I often call them to ask technical questions (I actually called my mom about shrimp last night). Once the holidays come around, I’ll post the meals we cook as a family. We are quite the team – my dad is a professional photographer turned star fisherman in Florida bringing home the best ingredients and my mom has an impeccable eye for design. My sister and I have been sous chefs all our lives. I imagine our holiday posts will be worth waiting for.

If you can’t wait, Mom and Dad sent me this photo of the paella they made this weekend. They made Florida Paella with fresh bay scallops and Florida lobster…chorizo sausage, shrimp and chicken in it, too!

Capt. Tommy's Florida Paella
Capt. Tommy's Florida Paella

One comment

  1. very impressive & delicious-looking. we are rocking out a modified rachael ray adobo chicken chili tonight (b/c yes – fall is here in WI) and a modified ina garten wheatberry salad for healthy lunches this week. made the brie pasta last night for dinner guest – RAVE REVIEWS. have a photo, will send. miss you!

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