Five Things on My Life List

My North Florida Family on Christmas Day
My North Florida Family on Christmas Day

This August I’m profiled in our local Skirt Magazine for their “Five Things on My Life List” column. I was nervous about agreeing to do this only because I had never thought about my “life list.” After some contemplation, I thought it would be a healthy process to go through. Thanks to my family, I have led a very full-filled life and have been fortunate enough to experience a number of things at a young age. I was having a hard time pin pointing specific things I wanted to do before I kicked the bucket – and what it came down to was that I wanted more of the life that I’m already leading. On a plane ride I committed myself to writing a list of things I wanted more of in my life. I wanted more travel, more entertaining, more cooking, more civic work, more friendships, more dancing…

And for the sake of the magazine, I came up with five specific things to publish.

Five Things On My Life List:

  • Learn how to play Happy Birthday on the accordion.
  • Spend an evening dancing in every European country.
  • Make the perfect paella.
  • Find a straight man as good as my gays.
  • Leave a legacy as large as my grandmother’s.

Personally, I yet to make the perfect paella. My family serves this dish almost every year at Christmas. This past year my sister and mom mastered perfection – it was delicious. I hope to be able to do it on my own at some point in my life. Hopefully I have many years to work on this list. For now, you can read my Dad’s published recipe on North Florida Paella.

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