Mom’s in town and she has brought the good stuff.

peachesmom blackeyedpeas 

hamhock okra 

My mom came up this weekend from Florida to help me with my yard. She has much more of a green thumb than I do and she is also seriously handy around the house. I owe a lot of credit to her for the way my house looks. She not only has great taste but she is also a powerhouse when it comes to getting the job done.

We made a deal this weekend. She would take the lead on pulling my weeds and I would take care of meals. My only request was that she brought some groceries from Florida. While most people would assume that the common request from Florida would be citrus and seafood – I requested fresh okra, black eyed peas, ham hocks and peaches (from her ride through South Carolina).  Saturday night, after five trips to Lowe’s and 55 bags of mulch, I made a roast chicken, okra and tomatoes, black eyed peas, rice and a peach cobbler. This meal is far from glamorous (I actually prefer to mix it all together on my plate) but it sure did hit the spot after a hard days work.  This week I’ll upload the recipes and stories behind them.


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  1. despite the food looking pretty awesome, i feel like you definitely got the better end of the deal in this “cooking” vs. “weeding the whole front porch” trade.

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